C. M. Jones



Name of Complainant
John Fitzgerald Kennedy


Date: 11-22-63

Mr. Decker:

Friday Morning, November the 22nd, 1963 between the hours of approximately 12 noon and 12:35pm, I was standing in front of the Criminal Courts Building talking with Allan Sweatt and Robert Benevides and awaiting the arrival of the motorcade bearing the President's party. The motorcade passed in front of us and everything appeared to be in order. A few short seconds later I heard an explosion followed in about 3 to 5 seconds later two more explosions. I am certain that I recognized the second two as being that of gunfire. I immediately came back into the office, going on through to the back of the building and out onto the street and seeing the area swarming with officers, I mingled in the crowd in an effort see what I could learn. I then returned to this office and went immediately to the interrogation room where I spent the next few hours interrogating four witnesses and taking affidavits from them. At the conclusion of this process, I remained in the office for further instructions.

C. M. Jones