The assassination of Mary S. Sherman


On July 21, 1964, Dr. Mary Stults Sherman was brutally murdered in her appartment building on 3101 St. Charles Avenue, in New Orleans. She was a prominent orthopedic surgeon and expert in cancer research. The assassination remains unsolved, although there are some investigators who think they came close to a solution. And the assassination of John F. Kennedy has, according to them, everything to do with this tragedy.


Mary’s carreer
Sherman was born in Evanston, Illinois, in 1913.  She had a Master of Arts degree and in 1943, she obtained a medical degree from the University of Chicago. In 1952, she relocated to New Orleans to become director of the bone pathology laboratory at The Ochsner Clinic Medical Foundation, a creation of surgeon Alton Ochsner. The next year she began her terminal position as associate professor at Tulane Medical School. A cancer researcher, she was also the senior visiting surgeon in orthopedics at Charity Hospital in New Orleans.

Frightening autopsy report
In the hours before dawn on July 21, 1964, Dr. Sherman was found dead in her apartment on St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans. The police report classified the death as a murder and the autopsy report by Monroe S. Samuels pulled no punches. Her right arm and rib cage had been burned away, yet the hair on her head remained unburned. A small fire had been set in her apartment which burned the mattress and some underwear. The body had been stabbed in the heart, liver, arm, leg, and stomach. The wound to the heart hemorrhaged but the wound to the liver did not, indicating that she was alive at the time of the heart wound but already dead by the time the wound to the liver was inflicted. Investigators determined that the massive burns inflicted upon her could not have occurred in her apartment. The details of her missing arm were not released to the public.

Sherman was murdered on the same day that the Warren Commission was scheduled to hear testimony about Lee Harvey Oswald’s activities in Louisiana.

Investigation of Edward Haslam
In 1995 Edward Haslam published Mary, Ferrie & the Monkey Virus: The Story of an Underground Medical Laboratory. In it he claimes that Sherman was involved in carrying out secret research into developing a vaccine to prevent an epidemic of soft-tissue cancers, caused by polio vaccine contaminated with SV-40. This work included using a linear particle accelerator located in the Infectious Disease Laboratory at the Public Health Service Hospital in New Orleans. I visited the place in 2009, click here for two photos. According to Haslam there was a second-lab working on this project, being run by David Ferrie, a friend of Sherman, on Louisiana Avenue Parkway. According to Baker, she and Oswald were hired by Reily in the spring of 1963 as a ‘cover’ for the operation. Edward Haslam argues that Sherman had an accident while using the linear particle accelerator. This explains why her body was so badly burnt. In an attempt to cover-up her secret research, Sherman was stabbed in the heart and then moved under cover of darkness to her apartment. A small fire was then started in an attempt to explain the burns on her body.

Judyth Vary Baker
Haslam had everything, except a living witness. A few years after the publication of his book he got the final pieces of his puzzle. Judyth Vary Baker came forward about her 1963 adultery with Oswald. Baker – whose employment records show that she worked at the Reily Coffee Company in New Orleans at the same time Oswald did – claimed that in 1963 she was recruited to work with Dr. Alton Ochsner and Sherman on a clandestine CIA project to develop a biological weapon that could be used to assassinate Fidel Castro. Baker’s story and her book Me & Lee finally disclosed a witness who could validate Haslam’s theory about the secret labs. Haslam published Dr. Mary’s Monkey in 2007, an updated account on the death of Mary Sherman, with an additional chapter on the new, and quite feasible, theory about Oswald.


  1. My co host Sherman Skolnick studied with Mary and had much to say about her on our radio show. There is much more to this story.

  2. Can’t take anything seriously that has the name Judyth Vary Baker in it. Anytime I see somebody quote her I literally laugh out loud. Never has somebody so terrible at lying had so many morons hanging on their every word.

    • Aleksandar zegt

      How should one call a person who other people calls ‘morons’? People who have strong arguments do not call other people names, they state their arguments and let other people be. Everybody have the right to be wrong and that goes for both sides. Don’t let be guided by hate or passion.

  3. michael zegt

    This has nothing do with the assassination of John F. Kennedy. This reminds me of the Black Dahlia. Some Doctor did it. A very high level Doctor. No wonder he was never caught !

    • Charlotte zegt

      Have you read her book? You don’t give any specifics. Since you can’t attack any factual statements (such as she was a well document cancer research prodigy who had come to the attention of people in the top of the field) you just use emotional button pushers: “somebody terrible at lying” and calling her advocates “morons” — in what way is she “terrible at lying?” In what sense is someone investigating her claims and finding them credible, a “moron?” Please elaborate.
      What examples do you provide? Because she documents virtually everything she says, and has had witnesses go on video.
      Of course you can’t intelligently refute her so you indulge in name calling and ridicule so that people investigating will feel like “morons” if they look further. That is the strategy used for over 50 years now, in a controlled media (or controlling media, more likely) and nowadays, paid trolls.

  4. Gary F. Logan zegt

    Am enjoying listening to Dr. Edward Haslam on Coast to Coast 640 AM radio right now. He is one of my heroes now! The misinformation clown-woman who phoned in her effort to debunk THESE TRUTHS is a shill for someone and a shameful and shameless creature. I think Dr. Haslam should research the $!0,000,000 requested and given to researchers in a 1969 House Bill to develop the other Simian Immunodeficiency Virus product AIDS. He is full right about how we need sunlight to shine upon these lies to cleanse our government within the government’s sins. The funding was for ten years of research…so do the math: 1969 + 10 = 1979 + the 2-years incubation period for the virus to take effect = 1981. Kind of suspicious that this is the year the first cases of “Gay Cancer” were noted. There is not even a word for the kind of so-called human beings whom would undertake such a demonic task. They’ll get theirs.

  5. Jason above is obviously an idiot. Listen to Judy Baker, then read her book. Actually makes total sense and explains a lot. It doesn’t explain JFK’s assassination but it does explain how Oswald didn’t fire the shots.

  6. Dr Mary’s Monkey by Edward T. Haslan was a fascinating book to read,,could not put it down!!!
    It makes sense about the polio vaccines carrying monkey viruses that cause soft tissue cancers today…when were you vaccinated(year) and where did the vaccines come from……do you have cancer?

  7. Cherryl Walker zegt

    My singular conclusion is this: The trap was set to “fry” Ochsner. He got wind of it. He sent Dr. Sherman into it instead. She was roasted. Simple.

  8. Cherryl Walker zegt

    Footnote: Bibliography of Conspiracy Theory Texts

    Marrs, Jim — (non-fiction) The Rise of the Fourth Reich — There was more than one conspiracy underway in the 1960s, a lot of them able to be traced back to the CIA. Marrs then follows the trail right up to 9/11 and 2005, Hurricane Katrina, and FEMA.

    Graham-Smith, Seth — (fiction) The Last American Vampire — Ignore the ridiculous premise of the novel, and look at the treatment of the Kennedy murder. Smith not only gets all the details of Oswald’s history upside down and backwards, but his narrative of the shooting itself is devoid of all sane acknowledgement of everything from the Zapruder film to eye-witness accounts.

    Icke, David — (fiction?) — The Biggest Secret — Ignore the overall paranormal premise. What holds together here is that Icke (writing from an English viewpoint), alleges that the murders of Kennedy and Diana, Princess of Wales, were symptoms of a world-wide conspiracy.

  9. I have a quick comment. I am a Canadian from Toronto and am well known on the media in Toronto as the person who snuck the Zapruder film out of the U.S. I first met Jim Garrison in 1972 through my good friend Penn Jones. I was honorably deputized by Garrison at the same time that I got my copy of the Z-Film in return for using “best efforts” to get it broadcast on border Canadian/US stations. I did sneak the Z-Film to Canada and was solely responsible for getting it aired on border stations.
    Now with regards to Mary Sherman. Remember Professor Popoff’s excellent book depicting the many Oswald dopplegangers proved by the Warren Commission data and other reliable sources. My question for everybody who claims to have known Oswald is which Oswald did they know? There was the Marine CIA Atsugi Oswald, the returning Minsk Oswald, the De Mohrenshild Oswald, the Mexican Oswald, the Dallas Rifle Range Oswald, and the Mary Sherman/Alton Ochsner Oswald.
    There were many Oswalds. Lets not forget that. In fact the manufacturing of Oswalds was begun long before JFK was inaugurated.

  10. Steve metter zegt

    Mary Sherman died from 5 million volts inadvertently going through her body. The linear accelerator almost certainly was sabotaged, and most likely she was going to be a whistleblower on the egregious events of the contaminated polio vaccine with SV40 and decisions to still provide to innocent American people, even after they knew of the deadly contamination and not forget the secret program to weaponize cancer. Once these are made known to all Americans it will represent among the most reprehensible, vile, and criminal acts against American people by the people responsible for the health safety. .


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