Kennedy locations in Dallas and Fort Worth

September, 2013. With a rented car I visited all locations in Dallas and Fort Worth related to the crime of the century, the assassination of John F. Kennedy. I made lots of pictures; fifty of them are on this page. In 2009 I travelled to New Orleans, where Lee Harvey Oswald lived. The photos of that journey can be found here.

My name is Perry Vermeulen, born Dec. 08, 1982. I wrote two books on the assassination in 2008 and 2012, both published in the Netherlands.

A large Dutch article about my trip to Dallas and Fort Worh, published in Eindhovens Dagblad, can be found here.

Enjoy the photo’s – please contact me if you’d like to use them on a website or in a publication:

Best wishes,
Perry Vermeulen
The Netherlands


‘Kennedy Tour’ in 50 photos


Dealey Plaza

Texas School Book DepositorySixth Floor of Texas School Book Depository
Dealey Plaza Triple Underpass on Dealey PlazaPicked fence on Dealey PlazaDealey Plaza behind the fence Filming on Dealey Plaza like Abraham ZapruderDealey Plaza from the sixth floorOn the sixth floor of the Texas School Book DepositoryHouston StreetRail yard behind Dealey PlazaTower of Lee Bowers Researcher at Dealey PlazaSalesman at Dealey PlazaCorner of Houston and Elm StreetDallas County Criminal Courts

Address Texas School Book Depository: 411 Elm Street, Dallas

The John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza in Dallas and the City Hall Municipal Building, where Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald

Kennedy Memorial DallasWhere Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald

Address JFK Memorial Plaza: 646 Main Street, Dallas
Address City Hall Municipal Building: 106 South Harwood, Dallas

Greyhound Dallas, where Oswald took a cab after the assassination. He went to his rooming house on Beckley Avenue. I spoke to Pat Hall, who knew Oswald when he lived in the rooming house of her grandmother.

Greyhound Dallas1026 Beckley Avenue rooming house OswaldTalking to Pat Hall of the rooming house on Beckley AvenueWalking on Beckley Avenue

Address Greyhound: 205 South Lamar Street, Dallas
Address rooming house Oswald: 1026 North Beckley Avenue, Dallas

Location of the Carousel Club; across the street is The Adolphus hotel.

Location of Carousel Club Jack RubyThe Adolphus Hotel

Address Carousel Club: 1312 1/2 Commerce Street, Dallas (demolished)
Address Adolphus Hotel: 1321 Commerce Street, Dallas

Texas Theatre; across the street is Top Ten Records, where officer J.D. Tippit made his last phone call.

Texas TheatreTop Ten Records where officer Tippit called before he was shot

Address Texas Theatre: 231 West Jefferson Boulevard, Dallas
Address Top Ten Records: 338 West Jefferson Boulevard, Dallas

Parkland Hospital and the corner of Tenth and Patton Street, where officer J.D. Tippit was killed.

Parkland HospitalCorner of Tenth and Patton where Tippit was killed

Address Parkland Hospital: 5210 Southwestern Medical Avenue, Dallas
Address assassination Tippit: 402 East 10th Street, Dallas

214 West Neeley Street, where Oswald lived. The famous backyard photos were made here.

214 Neeley StreetBackyard 214 Neeley Street

Address appartment Oswald, ‘backyard photos’: 214 West Neeley Street, Dallas

Lee Harvey’s, a bar in Dallas. And Campisi’s Restaurant, the Italian restaurant that Jack Ruby frequently visited, owned by the mafia family Campisi.

Lee Harvey'sCampisi's Restaurant

Address Lee Harvey’s: 1807 Gould Street, Dallas
Address Campisi’s Restaurant: 5610 East Mockingbird Lane, Dallas

Shannon Rose Hill, cemetery where you can find the grave of Lee Harvey Oswald, located between Dallas and Fort Worth. Near this location, you can find the Ozzie Rabbit Lodge. Every wall in this pub is filled with paintings and drawings related to Kennedy and Oswald.

Shannon Rose HillOn Shannon Rose HillGrave Oswald on Shannon Rose Hill
Ozzie Rabbit Lodge

Address Shannon Rose Hill Funeral Chapel and Cemetery: 7301 East Lancaster Avenue, Fort Worth
Address Ozzie Rabbit Lodge: 6463 East Lancaster Avenue, Fort Worth

Marina Oswald lives in Rockwall. I visited her; she was not interested in an interview.

Rockwall where Marina Oswald livesVisiting Marina Oswald

Address Marina Porter Oswald: 1850 FM 550, Rockwall

Fort Worth: the Texas Hotel and the JFK Tribute in front of the hotel.

Texas Hotel Fort WorthKennedy Memorial Fort Worth

Address Texas Hotel, now Hilton Fort Worth: 815 Main Street, Fort Worth

Ol’ South Pancake House in Fort Worth and the Cabana Hotel in Dallas. Both places were, according to some, visited by Jack Ruby short before the assassination. In these rumors he met criminals of the mafia on both occasions.

Ol Pancake HouseCabana Hotel

Address Ol’ South Pancake House: 1509 South University Drive, Fort Worth
Address Cabana Hotel: 899 North Stemmons Freeway, Dallas

Houses of people related to the assassination. From left to right and from top to bottom: Ruth Paine, Robert Oswald, J.D. Tippit, Jack Ruby, general Edwin Walker and Buell Wesley Frazier.

House Robert Oswald House of officer Tippit Appartment Jack RubyHouse General Edwin WalkerHouse Buell Wesley Frazier

Address Ruth Paine: 2515 West Fifth Street, Irving
Address Robert Oswald: 7313 Davenport Street, Fort Worth
Address J.D. Tippit: 238 Glencairn Dr, Dallas
Address Jack Ruby: 223 South Ewing Avenue, Dallas
Address general Edwin Walker: 4011 Turtle Creek Boulevard, Dallas
Address Buell Wesley Frazier: 2439 West Fifth Street, Irving

Dallas World Trade Center, Kennedy’s destination on that faithful day. And Lovefield, the airport where he landed fifty minutes before his death.

Dallas World Trade CenterDallas Love Field

Address Dallas World Trade Center: 2050 North Stemmons Freeway, Dallas
Address Love Field Airport: 8008 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas


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